Client Safety Practices

When arriving for your appointment, please remain in your car and call Sugar Bar to let us know you have arrived. When your room is ready we will call you back and give you instructions to wait just inside the doorway for instant temperature scanning (we will ask you if you are coming in through the front or back entrance). The thermometer is an infrared scanning device and will not touch your skin. As long as your temperature is not over 99.1 degrees, you may head directly to your treatment room.

YOU MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES. We do not have masks for you. Please already be wearing one. If you need to use the restroom please let the front desk know at the time of your initial phone call. We ask that you try to avoid using our restroom unless absolutely necessary. 

If you would like to leave a tip in cash at the time of your service, there will be cash boxes in each room to place cash in for your esthetician. Credit card tips are no longer permitted, to avoid excess time spent at the front desk. You may use Venmo/ Apple Pay/ PayPal to tip your esthetician (account names will be posted in each treatment room). 

We ask that each client be prompt with their changing before and after each service, to ensure the time we have designated for cleanup/sanitizing is not interrupted. 

If you only need to rebook your appointment and are paying with a previously purchased package, please head back to your car and call us to reschedule. If you need to purchase a package, the front desk is happy to help you via cash or credit card. Please use hand sanitizer at the desk before touching any cash. If someone else is already at the desk ringing out, please stand at least six feet away from all patrons while waiting. We will be monitoring how many people come in and out at once, there will never be more than two people in the lobby at the same time and never for more than ten minutes. 

Anyone with a temperature higher than 99.1 degrees will not be permitted, no exceptions.

Any client waiting to ring out will wait six feet or more away from the client at the desk. Sitting in lobby to wait will not be permitted at this time to ensure we can properly sanitize everything touched in between each client visit. 

All rescheduling will be done over the phone once client has exited the building. This will cut down on wait times in the lobby and prevent “crowding” of clients.

Click the link below for our full list of policies that will be posted at Sugar Bar for staff and clients.


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